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London Taxi Parts USA – About Us

London Taxi Parts USA was established in 2009, when London Taxi North America was absorbed by European-based London Taxi International (LTI). By that time, approximately 250 TX2’s had been imported into the US, creating a niche market of the unusual vehicles built expressly for the US.

Soon the question arose – where could US TX2 owners get parts from? Enter Larry Baker, a seasoned and successful automotive mechanic and small business owner of Baker’s Automotive and B&B Truck Repair in Greensboro, North Carolina. Having already spent several years servicing TX2s owned by two premiere Greensboro hotels, Larry bought the parts inventory from London Taxi North America as it was being consolidated into the European headquarters. He set up London Taxi Parts USA and became the sole US distributor of factory TX2 parts. The company continues to acquire parts as needed from the factory in Coventry, England.

This year, London Taxi Parts USA is testing another offering, serving as middleman in connecting prospective TX2 buyers with TX2 sellers – but only after our sister company, Baker’s Automotive, has thoroughly inspected, repaired, and refurbished (as necessary) their vehicles. Think of it like an eBay or a craigslist exclusively for US TX2s, with a distinct advantage that’s as close to a “Factory Certified, Pre-Owned” level of quality you can get from a dedicated LTI TX2 repair facility. (By the way, if you’re not interested in selling your TX2 but just want it repaired or restored, Baker’s Automotive will do that for you too. Even including shipping costs to and from Greensboro, it typically costs a lot less than you’d pay for someone local with no experience with these cars to do it for you.)

Just because the TX2 is a rare vehicle doesn’t mean getting parts has to be difficult. Stocked with every part and accessory you may need and offering overnight shipping, London Taxi Parts USA is your single source for all things TX2 in the US.
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