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Why buy through London Taxi Parts USA?

In addition to our national reputation for London Taxi TX2 restorations, we are now a middleman connecting you with TX2 sellers.

So now youíve decided you want to own a TX2 taxi or executive sedan. You could consider buying one of dubious quality from an unknown seller. Or you could come to London Taxi Parts USA.

  • Larry Baker: Larry is the owner of both London Taxi Parts USA and Bakerís Automotive, is the US expert on these vehicles, having worked on, taken apart, repaired, and restored scores of these vehicles over the past 8 years. Anyone who owns a US TX2 has dealt with Larry directly or indirectly at some time, either for repairs, for troubleshooting via his 24/7 phone support, or to purchase parts.
  • One-stop shopping: Need parts? London Taxi Parts USA is your single source for all TX2 parts; whatever you need for the car, we have it Ė or can get it. Need service or restoration? You wonít find a more uniquely qualified shop for TX2s in the USA.
  • 24/7 phone support: When you buy a TX2 or have one serviced at Bakerís Automotive, Larry himself provides you with round-the-clock phone support.
  • History and Experience: With over 35 years of repairing cars and trucks and 8 years specializing in LTI TX2s, Bakerís Automotive is truly the only game in town for these unusual vehicles Ė and weíll put you in touch with other TX2 customers in case you want to check out what they have to say. London Taxi Parts USA has been in business since 2009 and is the sole US distributor for factory parts.
  • The Baker TX2 Service Guarantee: Bakerís Automotive will give you a list of what it has repaired on the vehicle before you buy it. If it turns out that anything on that list breaks down and is not caused by operator error or negligence within 90 days of purchase, Bakerís Automotive will fix it at 50% of normal labor rates (owner responsible for towing charges, if applicable). Should any other issues arise in the first 90 days, Bakerís Automotive will still take care of these for you at standard repair rates, or you can take it to your local mechanic. In either case, London Taxi Parts USA will also provide you with discounted parts during this limited time period. The Baker TX2 Service Guarantee protects you, unlike other sellers who peddle their used cars in buyer-beware, ďAs-IsĒ condition.
    An economical, affordable, and distinctive car with a service guarantee and the best TX2-specific expertise you can find, from London Taxi Parts USA and Bakerís Automotive. Why look any further?
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