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Why would someone want a TX2?

Here are just a few of the ways existing owners use their London Taxis:

  • Handicap accessible wheelchair conversion
  • Wedding/prom car
  • Car, limo, or taxi service
  • Tour car or limo for upscale hotels, wineries, etc.
  • Marketing vehicle for brand/special event promotion
  • Family car! At approximately 4,500 lbs of mostly steel, these are among the safest vehicles on the road; they even have crash bars in the doors. Stories exist of TX2s being rear-ended at 50+ MPH, sustaining repairable damage but leaving the passengers unharmed. Additionally, the passenger bench seat has a built-in toddler seat (completely hidden when not used). And with large amounts of space in the front and rear, there’s room for plenty of boxes, shopping bags, bikes, and almost anything else you can imagine – while still holding 5 passengers in the rear, with a sixth possible via an optional, flip-down seat in the front. At a total of seven, including the driver, it’s a heck of an alternative to an SUV or minivan. And a lot more fun for everyone.
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