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London Taxi cars for sale, London Taxi restorations, London Taxi maintenance and genuine LTI parts, USA.

Nationally, we are known for our London Taxi TX2 restorations and parts in the USA.

Looking for an unusual but highly practical, beautiful, and eco-friendly car? Want a slice of England that’s tons of fun (literally and figuratively), low maintenance, surprisingly affordable, turns heads, and sets you apart from everyone else?

Look no further than London Taxi International’s (LTI) TX2. Yes, that’s right – a London Taxi. But not just any English taxi – one that was made expressly and customized for the US market, complete with the steering wheel on our side, and in conformance with all US and California smog emissions standards.

In this capacity, London Taxi Parts USA is not a dealer, but rather a middleman in connecting you with TX2 sellers – but only after our sister company, Baker’s Automotive, has thoroughly inspected, repaired, and restored (as necessary) their vehicles. It’s as close to a “Factory Certified, Pre-Owned” level of quality you can get from a dedicated LTI TX2 repair facility.
London Taxi Parts USA
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London Taxi Parts USA, Genuine LTI Parts

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London Taxi Parts USA, Genuine LTI Parts
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